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Simulation studies of a immediate formula for radius of curvature of a bimetallic strip

Amol M Khatkhate*, Mannoj Paul Singh R
Rizvi College of Engineering, India

Citation: Khatkhate AM, Singh MP (2019) Simulation studies of a immediate formula for radius of curvature of a bimetallic strip. SciTech Nanosciences 2019. Tokyo: Japan

Received: July 11, 2019         Accepted: July 16, 2019         Published: July 16, 2019


The empirical relationship used to predict the radius of curvature of a thin bimetallic strip which at ambient temperature, is straight, but curves into an arc at a higher temperature is presented in the paper. The formula is validated with the finite element model (FEM) and its performance is compared with other models that exist in literature. Timoshenko in his paper on Bimetallic Thermostats has been a pioneer to formulate the model for the radius of curvature. The Khatkhate Singh Mirchandani (KSM) formula presented here is derived from the Angel and Haritos approximation by introducing the KhaSinMir constant. Furthermore, the formula has been modified to make it independent of the elastic moduli. The simulation results and the excellent agreement with the Timoshenko formula has been put forward here. The RMSE and χ2 errors are very well within the stipulated limits and are an encouraging sign for the use of this formula. Also, the KSM model shows very good correlation with the Timoshenko formula for most commonly used bimetallic combination. i.e, Invar36 and Brass. Furthermore, an experimental setup for validation of this formula is proposed in this paper.