3rd Global Conference on Nanomedicine, Nanobiology, Nanotechnology & Pharmacology
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Accepted Abstracts

Extraction and evaluation of linseed mucilage as binding agent in prednisone tablet 20mg

Alaa Balla SB*
University of Khartoum, Sudan

Citation: Alaa Balla SB (2019) Extraction and evaluation of linseed mucilage as binding agent in prednisone tablet 20mg. SciTech Nanosciences-Pharma 2019. Tokyo: Japan

Received: September 02, 2019         Accepted: September 04, 2019         Published: September 04, 2019


The  purpose  of  the  present  study  was  to  extract  and  evaluate  linseed  mucilage  as biding   agent  in  prednisolone  tablets.  The  Linseed  mucilage  was  extracted  and evaluated  for  physicochemical  properties  using  official  procedures.  The  tablets  were prepared  by  wet  granulation  method.  The  granules  were  evaluated  for  angle  of  repose, bulk  density,  tapped  density  and  compressibility  index  and  they  revealed  satisfactory results. Three  formula  were  prepared  that  contain  three  different  percent  from  linseed mucilage  3%,  5%  and  7%.  All  the  granules  were  lubricated  and  compressed  and  were evaluated  for  uniformity  of  weight,  content  of  active  ingredient,  friability,  hardness and  In-vitro  dissolution  studies.  The  hardness  test  result  show  great  increase  in  tablet hardness  4.23,  5.59  and  7.76  respectively.  The  dissolution  test  was  carried  in  Ph  1.2 for  2  hours  and  cumulative  drug  release  20.33,17.88  and  14.49  respectively  .  And  at Ph 6.8 for 4 hours  cumulative  drug release  78.18, 75.43 and 69.19.The  tablets  formulations  showed  acceptable  general  appearance,  formula  mucilage 7%  showed  the  best  flow ability  of  granules,  hardness  and  friability  when  compared with  formulas  3% and 5%. In  weight  variation  test  indicated  that  the  type  and  concentration  of  mucilage  used were not significant In  hardness  test  of  the  formula  indicated  that  the  concentration  of binder  used  were  significant,  when  increase  the  concentration  of  the  mucilage  the  tablet hardness  increased  .The  tablets  swelling  index  increased  when  mucilage  concentrations were  increased. In  vitro  dissolution  study  indicated  that  the  main  factors  which  influence  the  amount  of  drug released  for  this  study  were  the  PH  of  the  medium  used  and  concentration  of  the  mucilage.