3rd Global Conference on Nanomedicine, Nanobiology, Nanotechnology & Pharmacology
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Accepted Abstracts

Prediction of Compressive Strength of Concrete Containing Fly Ash and Silica Fume

Sakshi Gupta*
Amity University, India

Citation: Gupta S (2019) Prediction of Compressive Strength of Concrete Containing Fly Ash and Silica Fume. SciTech Nanosciences-Pharma 2019. Tokyo: Japan

Received: September 04, 2019         Accepted: September 05, 2019         Published: September 05, 2019


Any degree of progress of concrete technology can lead to a notable decrease in the use of natural resources and energy sources and reduce the number of harmful pollutants, and consequently avoid deterioration of the environment. The progress is upon utilization of hazardous substances like fly ash and silica fume as cement replacement materials further decreasing the usage of cement in concrete. There have been many types of research and studies done upon this subject and this article focuses on the effect of the cement replacement materials like fly ash and silica fume on the compressive strength of the concrete with the help of a compilation of experimental results from various research works across the world. The experimental data fetched from the research works are processed through Weka 3.7 Software which uses data mining technique on the basis of Annular Neural Network (ANN) and validates the relationship between the ingredients of concrete and its compressive strength. As a result, the compressive strength of concrete having involvement of fly ash and silica fume can be predicted in a quite a short period of time with tiny error rates by using multilayer perceptron technique with cross-validation testing.