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Accepted Abstracts

non-coding RNAs: The Vengeful Sword to put the EBV out of Action

Gilbert Glady* 
European Bio Immune(G)ene Medecine Association, France

Citation: Glady G (2020) non-coding RNAs: The Vengeful Sword to put the EBV out of Action. SciTech Infectious Diseases 2020. Mauritius.

Received: October 24, 2019         Accepted: October 28, 2019         Published: October 28, 2019


EBV is very probably the virus of strict human specificity responsible for the largest number of chronic pathologies in humans and is thus at the origin of a very significant morbidity and mortality. But it is above all a shadow fighter, anxious not to face his enemies frontally, always looking for mechanisms to overcome the defense systems that are opposed to him by using their own weapons. This results in great difficulty in his approach and the development of defensive strategies, which are effective against him. Among the manners to approach the virus is a very recent one consisting in some way to take the adversary to his own game; it is the use of non-coding RNAs, as ultimate epigenetic regulators, whose mechanisms and properties are better and better identified and able to thwart the plans woven in the shadows by this formidable virus. Of course, these non-coding RNAs belong on the one hand to the host cell where they regulate the genes involved in the antimicrobial defense mechanisms, on the other hand to the virus itself which uses them in order to circumvent these same defense mechanisms. To solve this equation, we use nanobiotechnologies allowing the use of ultra-low doses in the context of a precision medicine combining principles of epigenetic regulation and biomimetic regeneration with hormesis and its rules. With the help of a few clinical cases, we will show how Bio Immune(G)ene Medicine - BI(G)MED - is able to neutralize EBV, whatever the pathology in which the latter is involved, and we will see that non-coding RNAs really represent a vengeful weapon in our fight against viruses in general and EBV in particular.

Key words: non-coding RNAs, EBV epigenetic regulation, BI(G)MED