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Accepted Abstracts

Management of Mandibular Parasymphysis Fracture: A Case Report

Desak Putu Kunti Wedayanti1*, Gusti Ngurah Krisna Dinatha2, Putu Gosen Partama3, Made Kurniawan Ardi Saputra3

1Faculty of Medicine, UniversitasUdayana, Bali, Indonesia
2General Surgery Resident, Udayana University, Sanglah General Hospital, Bali, Indonesia
3General Surgery Departement, Tabanan General Hospital, Bali, Indonesia

Wedayanti DPK, Dinatha GNK, Partama PG, Saputra MKA (2022) Management of Mandibular Parasymphysis Fracture: A Case Report. SciTech Central Cancer 2022.

Received: March 31, 2022         Accepted: April 04, 2022         Published: April 04, 2022


Introduction: Mandibular fractures are among the most common injuries to the facial skeleton. Mandibular Parasymphysis fractures lead to the loss of occlusion with step deformity formation. Treatment of mandibular fractures aims to restore occlusion and function and facilitate direct bone healing by adequate reduction and immobilization on the fractured site.
Case Description: We report a mandibular parasymphysis fracture of 17 years old male patient due to  the road traffic accidents. patient reported severe jaw pain during movement and abundant intraoral bleeding was observed. A clinically computed tomography scan of the face with axial, coronal, and 3-D reconstruction was performed, which showed parasymphysis fracture. The following treatment done was the application Arch bar and ORIF (open reduction internal fixation) mini plate under general anesthesia. After access, mandibulomaxillary fixation was performed to ensure satisfactory occlusion after adequate fragment reduction. The fractures were properly fixed with 6 hole and 3 hole, screw 8mm for the left mandibule, and for the righmandibule used 5 hole and 3 hole, screw 8 mm.
Conclusion: Mandibular fractures are the most common fractures of facial region and treatment options depend upon the type of fracture of mandible according to the anatomic variations.
Keyword: Fracture, Parasymphysis, Mandibular