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Accepted Abstracts

Hunteria Umbellata is a Potent Agent for Effective Diabetes Control

N. E. Ahajumobi* and Peter. B. Anderson
Walden University, United States.

Citation: Ahajumobi NE, Anderson PB (2022) Hunteria Umbellata is a Potent Agent for Effective Diabetes Control. SciTech Biomed-Cancer 2022.

Received: June 23, 2022         Accepted: June 23, 2022         Published: June 23, 2022


Background: As many as 422 million of the world population, which is 8.5% of the global population are suffering from diabetes in 2014, in 2016, diabetes cause of death rose by 5%, and 1.5 million lives were lost annually to diabetes in 2019 hence, solution-driven interventions to bring diabetes epidemic under control is necessary. Existing medications to treat is too expensive for patients essentially, the poor and adverse effects stand in the way of treatment for those who can afford thus, demand for affordable and harmless herbal alternative is on the rise, and many Southern Nigerians use Hunetria umbellata to treat diabetes, some think, doing so is superstition.
Objectives: Conduct a review of clinical epidemiological studies performed to determine Hunteria umbellata extract efficacious potency in controlling sugar and diabetes. Purpose is to encourage and promote its proper use if there is clinical evidence, or discourage its use if evidence states the contrary.
Methods: A systematic review study that used various search engines to locate, assess, review, and summarize clinical studies conducted to investigate the potency of Hunteria umbellata extract in blood sugar and diabetes control. Samples size was n=22 studies reviewed. Search words were “Hunteria umbellata , composition of Hunteria umbellata , Hunteria umbellata and diabetes, Hunteria umbellata and sugar”.
Results: Results revealed that Hunteria umbellata extract is a potent agent for controlling blood sugar and diabetes significantly, It is more effective than existing medicines and its effect manifests after six hours and its sugar reduction action continues progressively over time as the dose and concentration increases.
Conclusion: Hunteria umbellata extraction in all clinically approved standards of extraction showed straight antagonism to blood sugar and diabetes, it is a potent agent against sugar and diabetes thus, its use in Nigeria as native medicine for treating diabetes is justified.
Keywords: Hunteria umbellata, Hunteria umbellata and diabetes, Hunteria umbellata for diabetes treatment, Hunteria umbellata for Diabetes Control, Hunteria umbellata for Diabetes effective control