33rd Global Summit on Oral Health and Dentistry
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Accepted Abstracts

A Quintessential Case of Deceptive Appearance

Swati Setty*
Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara University, Dharwad, Karnataka, India.

Citation: Setty S (2022) A Quintessential Case of Deceptive Appearance. SciTech Central Dentistry 2022.

Received: September 15, 2022         Accepted: September 17, 2022         Published: September 17, 2022


While the world continues to battle with the pandemic of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), the issue of post COVID-19 complications has emerged as a significant problem. Post COVID-19 complications may be associated with a wide range of bacterial and fungal co-infections. The main reason behind the co-infections is the use of corticosteroids and other adjunctive therapies to arrest any possibility of cytokine storm syndrome that may occur in critically ill patients. One such deadly post COVID-19 complication on rise is mucormycosis. It is an aggressive opportunistic fungal infection known to be associated with poor prognosis if not diagnosed and treated on-time. Classically, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus (DM) and other immunosuppressive conditions including corticosteroid therapy are known risk factors for mucormycosis. A case ofmucormycosis of maxilla in a 52 years old man who reported to our out-patient department (OPD) with multiple ulcers on the labial aspect of maxillary gingiva accompanied with hyperglycemia secondary to uncontrolled diabetes with a history of COVID-19 infection, five months prior to the day of reporting at our OPD.
Keywords: Periodontal abscess, Mucormycosis, Oral manifestations, Periodontitis