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Accepted Abstracts

Effectiveness of Bensons Relaxation Therapy on Pain and Stress among Post Caesarean Mothers

Radha C*, Bommi K and Sumithra S
Karpaga Vinayaga College of Nursing, India 

Citation: C Radha, K Bommi, S Sumithra (2021) Effectiveness of Benson's Relaxation Therapy on Pain and Stress among Post Caesarean Mothers. SciTech Women & Nursing 2021. 

Received: November 19, 2020         Accepted: November 21, 2020         Published: November 21, 2020


Background: Child birth is considered as a multi dimensional experience. During the journey of delivery, Pain is one of the major discomforts which drive the post caesarean section mothers to seek help in opting caesarean section even though caesarean section does not eliminate the pain of labour. Pain can last for several months. Not only that, it also interferes with the mother-infant interaction. If the mother is comfortable it will be easier to breast feed the baby and can also involve in newborn care, which helps in achieving mother infant bonding. 
Objectives: To assess the effectiveness of Benson’s Relaxation therapy on level of pain and stress among post caesarean mothers.
Design: True experimental pretest and posttest with control group design. 
Settings: Government Ranees Hospital, Pudukkottai, Tamilnadu. 
Participants: Sixty post caesarean section mothers, fulfilling the inclusion criteria were selected by Probability simple random sampling technique. 
Selection criteria: Primi gravid Post caesarean mothers who are within second to fifth post operative day and undergone elective/ emergency caesarean section were selected. 
Methods: The study was conducted with 60 post caesarean section mothers. Out of which 30 mothers were in experimental group and 30 were in control group. Pre and posttest assessment was done by Numerical pain scale and Perceived stress Assessment scale. 
Results: Benson’s Relaxation therapy was effective in reducing the level of pain and stress among post caesarean mothers.
Keywords: Benson’s Relaxation therapy, Pain, Stress, Post caesarean section mothers