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Accepted Abstracts

Influence of Preparation for the Childbirth to the Length of Breastfeeding

Zrinka Puharic*, Mirna Zulec and Filip Puharic
University of Applied Sciences Bjelovar, Croatia

Citation: Puharic Z, Zulec M, Puharic F (2021) Influence of Preparation for the Childbirth to the Length of Breastfeeding. SciTech Women & Nursing 2021. 

Received: December 09, 2020         Accepted: December 12, 2020         Published: December 12, 2020


Aim: The aim of this study was to examine the influence of preparation for childbirth on the length of breastfeeding, i.e. the influence of external factors on the mother's decision on the length of breastfeeding.
Subjects and methods: 30 respondents were included in the study. An original survey questionnaire was created for the purposes of the research. The research was conducted at the Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics.
Results: The largest number of respondents belongs to the age group from 26 to 32 years of age [50.0%]. In relation to the level of education, 50% of the respondents have a secondary education. Furthermore, 50% of the respondents are multiple mothers. 90.0% of respondents were married, and 70.0% of respondents attended a course for pregnant women. The majority of respondents [83.3%] gave birth naturally, in a child-friendly hospital (93.33%).
Out of the total number, 96.7% of the respondents state that they are breastfeeding or have breastfed their child. 70% of respondents state that they made the decision to breastfeed during pregnancy, and 30% of them made the same decision after giving birth. Out of the total number, 36.7% of the respondents state that they received the necessary information about the needs of breastfeeding from the clinic staff. In 23.3% of respondents state the use of the Internet as the main source of information, in 16.7% of cases it is a pediatrician, and in 13.3% a community nurse. 50% of respondents believe that employees employed in the maternity hospital are the most accurate and reliable source of information, up to 16.7% believe that it is a pediatrician, and 13.3% that it is a nurse.
Discussion: Respondents in a high percentage [70%] attended courses for pregnant women, and also in the same percentage made the decision to breastfeed during pregnancy, before going to the maternity hospital. Different sources of support and / or information about breastfeeding correlate with each other, which indicates the fact that respondents seek information or support, simultaneously from multiple sources, in order to check existing knowledge or supplement it with new knowledge. It is concluded that good and quality preparation for childbirth has a major impact on the use and duration of breastfeeding.
Keywords: Breast-feeding, Infant, Preparation for childbirth, Breast milk