19th Global Women-Child Care, Nursing and Internal Medicine Summit
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Accepted Abstracts

Health and Skin Color in Cuban Women

Silvia Martínez Calvo*
Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology, National School of Public Health, Cuba

Citation: Calvo SM (2021) Health and Skin Color in Cuban Women. SciTech Women & Internal Medicine 2021. 

Received: March 15, 2021         Accepted: March 18, 2021         Published: March 18, 2021


The access to health services for the entire population in Cuba is secured, but there are few studies that related their health situation and skin color, particularly in women. Some research is published on racial discrimination in non-white women, but there is few research referred to their health situation.
Objective: Review the results of studies on the health situation of non-white women in Cuba in the 2010-2020 period.
Material and Method: An internet browser search of the publications by Cuban researchers on the health-woman-skin color triad was carried out. Selection criteria were established such as: language, publication period, nationality of the author and several keywords.
Results: in the 30 selected articles, it´s relevant the variation of the objectives, methods and populations; 100% of the authors confirm the influence of social determinants (DSH) on the health of non-white Cuban women, although not all of them fully identified and enphasized the need to increase the differential studies between non-white and white women, in relation to their health.
Conclusions: There are few studies dedicated to the analysis of health eventsnassociated with skin color in the entire population and in particular in non-white Cuban women. The issue is complex and requires the removal of obstacles and barriers, which prevent to specify which of those social determinants influence the health and quality of life of non-white Cuban women, for which totally inclusive strategies must be developed within the current National Program against Racism and Racial Discrimination.

Keywords: Women's health, Skin color, Social investigation, Social determinants of health