19th Global Women-Child Care, Nursing and Internal Medicine Summit
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Accepted Abstracts

Press Release MINT-Wigris

Gudrun Kalmbach HE*
MINT, Bad Woerishofen, Germany

Citation: Kalmbach HEG (2021) Press Release MINT-Wigris. SciTech Women-Internal Medicine 2021. 

Received: March 18, 2021         Accepted: March 22, 2021         Published: March 22, 2021


MINT-Wigris is a new theory which works with models for the quanta range and energies as forces. The Tool bag is for teaching purposes and demonstrations. It shows dynamical structures not related to wave presentations of physical systems, but to oscillations, flows and symmetries.-
The space presentation after a big bang starts with a projective plane P². This is presented in
1-dimensional form as color charge force by an octonian unit eigenvector e0 of a 2x2-matrix G as complex cross ratio used for rotation. In the universes environment two frequencies hit orthogonal and generate a exponential functions exp(iφ) unit circle C, the symmetry U(1) for the electromagnetic interaction EMI. This is a first dihedral D0 , in octonians as universal covering of the e7 coordinate. Then complex roots of unity generate dihedrals Dn for n=1,...,6 for six octonian coordinates en, listed by these indices as rolled coordinate. The coordinate 1 carries a monopole (point) with an energy charge as center of C and with C as parametrical listed potential fields circles Ct. The coordinate 2 is a source-sink dipole like magnetic momentum which has a conic whirl rotation. The coordinate 3 is for nucleons consisting of 3 quarks uud proton or ddu neutron. The coordinate 4 adds EMI as waves on 1346. For the octonian 25 plane, first 5 is real projective extending 13456 as P5 for a unified potential electrical EM and gravity GR field. Both coordinates 2,5 are complex 1346 extending 123456 to the color charge space. Spacetime 1234 is a projection.  The unit sphere in 123456 is the space for a fiber bundle with a fiber C and base a projective 
2-dimensional complex space CP². It is the inner spacetime 3456 of an atom. CP² is projected into the WI/EM 1234, also a third 4-dimensional space 1256 for gravity with rgb-gravitons 126 which  project from the SI geometry the subspace S³ of its first three GellMann SU(3) symmetry generators onto the unit sphere S³ in 1234. WI/EM have as Hopf fiber bundle h: S³ → S² with fiber C. Eigenvectors of symmetries are added to all energies and present their force.With 07 projective normed to the constant 1, 123456 has the D3 ≡ S4 /Z2xZ2 symmetry, obtained from the six complex cross ratios for color charges from permutations of 4 elements S4 by factoring it by its normal CPT Klein subgroup Z2xZ2. D3 has as representation the SI rotor for deuteron where a WI rotor is added, generating Euclidean space xyz-coordinates.
The Tool bag has until March 2021 12 models for this and several videos.