19th Global Women-Child Care, Nursing and Internal Medicine Summit
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Accepted Abstracts

Vaginal Delivery -A Current Overview, Chennai, India

DM Christe*
National Institute of Research in Tuberculosis, Indian Council of Medical Research, Chennai, India.

Citation: Christe DM (2021) Vaginal Delivery -A Current Overview, Chennai, India. SciTech Women & Inetrnal Medicine 2021. 

Received: March 24, 2021         Accepted: March 27, 2021         Published: March 29, 2021


Aim: To find out the maternal and neonatal outcome of women delivering vaginally                                                         in an obstetric care center, and an Institute for obstetric care in Chennai, South India.
Materials and methods: For this one year study, Parturition records were selected by computerized random numbers, for a calculated sample size, and study with power above 80%. Salient demographic features such as age, residential background and religion were noted. Details of obstetric history, past and current, delivery and baby details and admission to NICU were analyzed. Acceptance of postpartum contraception was noted.
Results: A total of 338 women delivered vaginally. Majority of 63%, were from urban background. Late referrals were 19.2 % of women, 38.5 % women had antenatal complications. Primigravida were 49.7%. Nearly 91.4% of women delivered naturally. Previous pregnancy loss was noted in 14.8%. Term deliveries were   in 72% of women, and 2.7% of women delivered twins. Average birth weight among primi was 2.5kg and in multi it was 2.8 kg.             There were no maternal deaths.  Perinatal deaths of 2.96%, of which 90% were preterm births, and all among babies with birth weight below 1.5kg.
Conclusion: Among women delivering by vaginal route, the larger majority of 91.4% of women had natural vaginal delivery. Primigravida were 49.7%, and 63% were from urban background. Antenatal complications, obstetric, medical or other complications were noted in   38.5 % of women. Most often observed complications among the women delivering vaginally, were Gestational hypertension, Gestational diabetes, and Hypothyroidism. NICU care was required for 18% of   babies. Preterm births were16.6%. Perinatal deaths was seen in 2.96% of babies. There were no maternal deaths.
Key words: Vaginal delivery, Neonatal outcome, Antenatal complications