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Accepted Abstracts

Pes Planus Plantaris on Vertical-Jump Postural Stability through Postural Sway Basketball Athletes

Def Primal*
Universitas Perintis Indonesia, Indonesia

Citation: Primal D (2021) Pes Planus Plantaris on Vertical-Jump Postural Stability through Postural Sway Basketball Athletes. SciTech Women & Internal Medicine 2021. 

Received: June 02, 2021         Accepted: June 03, 2021         Published: June 03, 2021


Pes planus plantaris incident will increase plantar structure pressure related to body weight resistance during sports which increases plantar anatomical structure injury and lower the arch curvature. Basketball as continuous weight-bearing exercise affectively disturb the plantar curvature causing foot arch malformation (flatfoot) which believed decreases athletes postural stability. We determined this research to analyze the pes planus plantaris condition could seriously affect the atheletes postural stability during basketball games through the postural sway images. This is quantitative analytical retrospective study from national basketball students athletes involved 47 subjects. Their foot arch type were determined with graph paper footprint. Advanced Mechanical Technology, Inc (AMTI) Accupower Force flatform posturography (force plate) was utilized to measure the athletes postural stability imaging. Examination were performed in dynamic vertical jump (basketball primary moves) to detect the postural sway diameter of center of pressure (CoP). It revealed that 80,9% of subjects had identified having flat plantar arch (pes planus plantaris) and they had ascended tendency on postural sway disturbance. The mean value of the postural sway diameter of CoP on subject with pes planus plantaris have significant correlation on the postural stability. Pes planus plantaris is affected by the length and the intensity of the exercise which more than 4 years practice experienced for at least 18 hours per week. This condition will significantly affect athelete’s dynamic vertical motion (vertical jump) stability.
Keywords: Dynamic postural stability, Footprint, Postural sway, Vertical jump
Abbreviations: Advanced Mechanical Technology, Inc (AMTI), Center of pressure (CoP)