13th International Conference on Biomedical and Cancer Research (Part II)
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Accepted Abstracts

Role of BRD4 in Cancer–A Review

Kamrudeen Samani*, Abhishek Raj Joshi and Giles D
Acharya & BM Reddy College of Pharmacy, India

Citation: Samani k, Joshi AR, D Giles (2021) Role of BRD4 in Cancer–A Review. SciTech Biomed-Cancer Sciences 2021. 

Received: December 28, 2020         Accepted: December 30, 2020         Published: December 30, 2020


Bromodomain containing protein (BRD4) play a major role in the gene expression, both in normal cell and cancerous cell through direct interaction with acetylated lysine residue at the N- Terminal of histone tail with the help of transcription factors such as RELA, ER, P53. In healthy body, It promotes cell cycle regulation, cell growth and development and a help in serving as scaffold that control the recruitment of other transcription regulator to chromatin network which can finally modulate the transcription machinery itself but due to dysregulation of BRD4, lead to changes in macro molecular complexes of DNA and supporting gene expression and epigenetic regulation that contribution to pathogenesis of disease. It is very difficult to understand this protein due to its unclear mechanisms of action and poor selective toward its targets sites
Keywords: Bromodomain, Cancer, Transcription, Chromatin
Abbreviations: ER- Estrogen Receptor