4th International Conference on Biomedical and Cancer Research
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Accepted Abstracts

Hepatoprotective effect of polyherbal mixture against Carbon tetra chloride and paracetamol induced hepato-toxicity in rats

Abhijeet Shashikant Kulkarni*
Ashokrao Mane Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and research, India

Citation: Kulkarni AS (2019) Hepatoprotective effect of polyherbal mixture against Carbon tetra chloride and paracetamol induced hepato-toxicity in rats. SciTech Biomed-Cancer Sciences 2019. Tokyo: Japan

Received: May 31, 2019         Accepted: June 12, 2019         Published: June 12, 2019


Aim: In this study hepatoprotective of polyherbal mixture on CCl4 and paracetamol induced hepatic damage in experimental rats was investigated.
Materials: Effect of Polyherbal mixture on Carbon tetra chloride induced hepatic damage was studied by administering Polyherbal mixture (Clematis gouriana, CheilanthesalbomarginataTrichosanthesdioica,Cheilanthes farinose, Pistaciakhinjuk), administration at different dosage orally (100/200/400 mg/kg) daily for 7 days and on the 8 th day all treated rats received CCl4 (1:1) v/v mixture and corn oil 1 ml / kg. In paracetamol induced hepatic rat model, Paracetamol was administered 1g/kg (p.o.) on day 1 daily up to 7 days. Polyherbal mixture was administered from day 4 on word daily up to 13 th day. In CCl4 hepatic damage model, rats were sacrificed after 24 hrs. after its treatment. In paracetamol model, rats wear sacrificed on 14 the day i.e. 24 hrs. after the polyherbal treatment. The protective effect of polyherbal mixture was evaluated by sacrificing the rats and assaying various liver biomarkers (SGOT, SGPT, SALP, TB) and total serum proteins. Further histoarchitecture study of liver tissue was also studied.
Results:Liver biomarkers SGOT, SGPT, SALP, TB were elevated significantly in CCl4 and paracetamol treated rats. Prophylactic treatment with polyherbal mixture (400 mg/kg) showed restored the elevated serum biomarkers, and also partially restored depleted total serum proteins. Hence, experimental findings indicate hepatoprotective activity of polyherbal mixture. Produced Significant protective activity against CCl4 and paracetamol induced hepatic damage.
Conclusion: Protective activity may be related to antioxidant property of herbs largely by free radical scavenging.