International Conference on Biomedical and Cancer Research
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Accepted Abstracts

Wireless Nurse Call System in Medical Institutions

Mohamed Hesham Aref1*, Ahmad Aly El-Shinnawi2, Amr A. Sharawi2
1 Military Technical College, Egypt
2 Cairo University, Egypt 

Citation: Aref MH, El-Shinnawi AA, Sharawi AA (2019) Wireless Nurse Call System in Medical Institutions. SciTech Biomed-Cancer Sciences 2019. Tokyo: Japan

Received: June 10, 2019         Accepted: July 05, 2019         Published: July 05, 2019


Nurse Call systems are very important for any medical center / ICU center / hospital, thus affecting indirectly the patient’s life. The basic idea of this paper is to design and implement a complete wireless nurse call system in the hospital, displaying the patient room number on a desktop computer LCD. Our proposed system implements a smart controller and several wireless switches using RF technology to continuously monitor and display the state of any room / patient / medical help or assistance needed, in order to provide fast and respectable medical service without any human errors or medical assistance delay, which could occur at any instant of time during system preparation or installation. Our system has succeeded in monitoring up to 5 rooms at the same time collecting real-time data as a prototype. It can be extended to up to 254 monitoring points.