4th International Conference on Biomedical and Cancer Research
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Accepted Abstracts

Surgical management of giant ocular surface neoplasia wrapping cornea

Dhivya Ashok Kumar*
Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital and Eye Research Centre, India

Citation: Kumar DA (2019) Surgical management of giant ocular surface neoplasia wrapping cornea. SciTech Biomed-Cancer Sciences 2019. Tokyo: Japan

Received: August 13, 2019         Accepted: August 16, 2019         Published: August 16, 2019


Ocular surface squamous neoplasia (OSSN) is a common conjunctival tumor. It represents the spectrum of conjunctival and corneal squamous epithelial tumors that include conjunctival intraepithelial neoplasia and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC).Giant OSSN has been defined as a single tumor measuring more than 15 mm in basal diameter or six limbal clock hours. The video shows the management of giant ocular surface squamous neoplasia (OSSN). We present giant OSSNs wrapping 12 clock hours of cornea at presentation which were treated surgically. This case illustrates that surgical excision can be tried in huge or giant masses for complete remission. It also shows the late presentation of patient due to unawareness of the condition and also the successful outcome in such advanced stage also.