37th International Conference on Biomedical & Cancer Research
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Accepted Abstracts

Laboratory Medicine at the Threshold of the New Century

Arturo M Terres-Speziale*

Citation: Terres-Speziale AM (2023) Laboratory Medicine at the Threshold of the New Century. SciTech Biomed-Cancer 2023.

Received: December 08, 2022         Accepted: December 13, 2022         Published: December 13, 2022


The purpose of this work is to make a brief review of the impact that new technologies including automation,cybernetics, informatics,robotics,and telecommunications have had in today’s society with a particular focus on the Clinical Laboratory where significant evolution has been evolving through the last two decades of the 20th Century and the first two decades of the 21st Century.LaboratoryMedicine is a specialty in which multiple disciplines converge,including Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Pathology,so that now a days the concept of Clinical Laboratory Professionals has been increasingly accepted.Given that the Medical Relevance is currently the fundamental premise,the understanding andapplication of the Biological Variability and its mportance on the establishment of Analytical Goalsis better understood and accepted day.The recognition of the suitability of the laboratory should include the  human dimension and the technological dimension starting with the fulfilment of bioethics so each laboratory must have a Code of Ethics dated and signed by all personnel in which they commit themselves not to incurin conflicts of interest,always placing the patient’s interest above any other. In this new era in the field of Clinical Laboratories we have advanced at an accelerated pace by incorporating automation, cybernetics ,informatics, robotics and telemedicine so each day we have more and better tests to meet the needs of the EBM Evidence Based Medicine which as a consequence allows the patient to be granted the maximum benefit at the lowest risk and at the best cost.