37th International Conference on Biomedical & Cancer Research
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Accepted Abstracts

A Review of Nutrients to Extend Healthspan and Avoid Cancer by Reducing the Amount of Protein Misfolding and Calcification

Alfred Ordman 
Beloit College, Beloit, WI, USA.

Citation: Ordman A (2023) A Review of Nutrients to Extend Healthspan and Avoid Cancer by Reducing the Amount of Protein Misfolding and Calcification. SciTech Biomed-Cancer 2023.

Received: January 22, 2023         Accepted: January 24, 2023         Published: January 24, 2023


At low levels, vitamin C (VC) traps free radicals to reduce cancer risk.  At high levels, it generates them to kill cancer cells. Since 1984, He has been reading about and conducting original research on how to extend human healthspan.  In 1994 his discovery of the optimum dosage of VC to trap free radicals was the banner headline of USA Today. His website, nutrition investigator.org, contains over 700 pages including theories of why we age.  His nutrition newsletter provides links to healthspan articles. 
When he developed bladder cancer, the standard treatment to prevent recurrence was expensive and only 10% effective over 5 years.  He  conducted a clinical trial to develop a VC formulation to prevent recurrence.  An article explaining its mechanism of action led to it being manufactured as a nutrient supplement, Triumph.  It produces an elevated level of VC in the bladder that generates free radicals to kill cancer cells.  Combined with vitamin K (VK), it is likely to prevent initiation of other cancers.  The VK level in the serum also promotes decalcification of the arteries which decreases the risk of heart disease.  
He was then invited to develop any supplement he wished. Because another cause of aging, The Translational Infidelity Error Theory, which causes protein misfolding (PM), had recently been discovered, he developed Mito-C, a nutrient supplement with natural ingredients selected to slow the process of PM. PM is responsible for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, other dementias, arthritis, and other age-associated diseases. A peer-reviewed scientific abstract about this has also been published.
Many foods and specific nutrients reduce one’s risk for age-associated diseases.  It is an honor to spread this knowledge to help reduce medical expenses and suffering.