37th International Conference on Biomedical & Cancer Research
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Accepted Abstracts

What if Unusual Metastasis Revealed Primitif Lung Cancer? : About 4 Cases in our Medical Center

Mouad Gourti*, Hachimi Mohamed, Ammour Fatim zahra, Makloul Mouhssine and Elmehdi Maidi
Regional Hospital and Medical University of Agadir, Morocco.

Citation: Gourti M, Mohamed H, Zahra AF, Mouhssine M, Maidi E (2023) What if Unusual Metastasis Revealed Primitif Lung Cancer? : About 4 Cases in our Medical Center. SciTech Biomed-Cancer 2023.

Received: February 07, 2023         Accepted: February 09, 2023         Published: February 09, 2023


Introduction: Lung cancer  is a malignant tumor developed in depend of lung cells. Incrimination of smoking is never deny but genetic and professional expositing is also incriminated. Diagnosis confirmation is cytological. Liver, brain and bones represent the common metastatic localizations. Prognosis depends in time of diagnosis and treatment.
Materials and Methods: We report in our retrospective study all cases of unusual localizations of lung cancer metastasis seen in the surgery department of the Agadir regional hospital . 4 cases reported of cutaneous, scalp and ocular metastasis with histological evidence by surgery under local or general anesthesia.
Results: All patients of our study are male, and the mean age is 43 years. The mean duration of symptoms was 2.5 months. Histological types were: adenocarcinoma 75% and epidermoid carcinoma in 25 %. 2 Patients had more than one metastasis (two different sites). There were cutaneous metastases in 1 case, scalp 1 case and ocular 2 cases. Metastasis had revealed lung cancer in 2 cases. The histological diagnosis of lung cancer was confirmed by local biopsy 1 case, ocular biopsy 1 case and after thoracoscopy in 1 case. Chemotherapy was given in all cases . The median survival was 5years .
Conclusion: Lung cancer is one of the most  frequent cancer. Stage is often advanced at the time of diagnosis. Metastasis is one important prognosis factor for lung cancer.