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Accepted Abstracts

Association of CYP19 genes polymorphism with Endometrial and ovarian cancers risk in Basrah, southern of Iraq

Anwar N. Ayyob, Adnan Issa Al-Badran*, Rafid A Abood
University of Basrah, Iraq

Citation: Ayyob AN, Al-Badran A, Abood RA (2019) Association of CYP19 genes polymorphism with Endometrial  and ovarian cancers risk in Basrah, southern of Iraq. SciTech Oncology 2019. Dubai: UAE

Received: March 16, 2019         Accepted: March 18, 2019         Published: March 18, 2019


This study involved 62 patients( 23 of Endometrial Cancer and 39 of Ovarian Cancer)  and 60 healthy controls, genomic DNA was extracted from blood and CYP19 gene amplified by PCR and sequenced .The results showed The distribution of TTTA repeat polymorphism of the CYP19 gene among the controls and endometrial cancer(EC), showed that the risk for EC was increased about two fold in the women which have (TTTA)9, (TTTA)11 and (TTTA)12 repeats OR= 1.56, 2.16, 1.56 respectively .The risk to develop Ovarian Cancer (OC) patients have increased about two fold in the women having (TTTA)11, OR=2.087  and about four fold in the women with (TTTA)12, OR=3.868.Asignificant effect in (7-11) heterozygote allele between control and EC patients the risk increased about eleven fold, OR=10.5 and a significant effect in (7-10), (7-12) and (11-11) heterozygote alleles between control and Ovarian Cancer patients the risk increased about two fold, OR=2.111,2.111,2.462 respectively, and about six fold in (7-11) heterozygote allele OR=5.981 The ( TTTA)n repeat lengths of ≤ 9 were classified as short (S), and those ≥10 were classified as long (L) the result showed the risk factor increased about six fold with S/L alleles of CYP19 gene in EC. OR=5.625 and about two fold with L/L alleles OR=1..Alsothe risk factor increased about two fold with long allele of CYP19 gene in OC. OR= 2.216, four fold with S/L alleles OR=3.666 and about three fold with L/L alleles OR= 3.3.
In conclusion, this study showed a strong association between CYP19 polymorphisms, with Endometrial and Ovarian Cancer especially the long Alleles and the haplotype and genotypes frequencies of CYP19 may be an indicator for susceptibility for Endometrial and Ovarian Cancer.