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Accepted Abstracts

Hyperoxia in Covid-19 Pneumonia: Deliverance or Doom

Amit Sharma*
National Institute of TB and Respiratory Diseases (NITRD), India

Sharma A (2021) Hyperoxia in Covid-19 Pneumonia: Deliverance or Doom. SciTech Central COVID-19.

Received: September 13, 2021         Accepted: September 15, 2021         Published: September 15, 2021


Oxygen supplementation is a lifesaving therapy for numerous diseases of the respiratory system. Today our world is fighting against one of the deadliest Pandemic of the Virus SARS-CoV2. The virus commonly called Covid-19 most commonly targets the respiratory system and which in rare cases may cause severe pneumonia with ARDS and oxygen is vital for survival in such cases. Any treatment if given in excess can cause harm and oxygen is no exception. The aim of this short review is to create awareness about the possible dangers associated with excessive administration of oxygen to patients. It is an attempt only to sensitize the medical field about the risks of oxygen therapy especially beyond and above what is required. However, the points emphasized are not conclusive and the author’s own perspectives and observations are subject to influence of bias and prejudice both of which are very human attributes. Further detailed trials are needed to assess the possible adverse effects of hyperoxia on Covid-19 patients.
Keywords: Hyperoxia, Covid-19, Pneumonia, SARS-CoV2