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Adaptation of Medicine in COVID-19 Era

Laila Mahmoud Montaser*
Manoufia University, Egypt

Citation: Montaser LM (2020) Adaptation of Medicine in COVID-19 Era. SciTech Central COVID-19

Received: August 08, 2020         Accepted: August 10, 2020         Published: August 10, 2020


COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus has leading to a worldwide pandemic and an uncontrollable health disaster. The coronavirus now is pandemic killed and infected thousands persons according to World Health Organization (WHO). The coronavirus is a newly identified pathogen and there is no known pre-existing immunity in humans. Infection rates and death toll are elevating. WHO characterizes COVID-19 as pandemic and so calls for quick, attacker acts to fight the virus? Subsequently, proposal of a remedy with attainable, rationale and viable method is urgently needed. Thus, suggestion of a remedy with attainable, rationale and viable method is urgently necessary. Chinese physicians have multiple trials ongoing employing plasma to cure the COVID-19. Early outcomes consider hopeful in treating the sickness. Because there are no confirmed medications for COVID-19, the United States (US) Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is giving the green light to the necessity investigational employ of convalescent plasma to cure COVID-19 under the criteria of the emergency IND. This permit a supplier to request for empathetic utilize in a particular sick person with serious or prompt life-threatening COVID-19. Under this situation in my published article in 7 May 2020, I supposed that plasma-rich in growth factors (PRGF) from recuperated cases suggested as a remedy for new COVID-19 sick persons. In this article my goal is to estimate the efficacy of the method optimized in my lab using PRGF from recovered cases of COVID-19 as a treatment for new patients. My scope is to improve and use the plasma from recovered patients. The plasma is suggested alternative and stand-by for containing COVID-19. The early findings suggest that administration of human plasma is safe, reduces viral load and could improve clinical outcomes. I wait to harness the antibodies formed by recuperated cases as an effective treatment for new cases, with the goal of motivation their immune systems and detraction the seriousness of symptoms related to the new virus. Essentially has driven to roll calls for the vaster appropriation of the plasma for COVID-19. There is an expectation that plasma-derived therapy could put light on a hopeful medicine. Keywords COVID-19, coronavirus, convalescent plasma, plasma-rich in growth factors, antibodies