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Accepted Abstracts

Social Economic Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Aesthetic Centers in Greece

Foteini Biskanaki*, Εfstathios Rallis, Εleni Andreou, Εleni Sfiri, Νiki Tertipi, Vasiliki Kefala
University of West Attica, Greece

Citation: Biskanaki F, Rallis E, Andreou E, Sfiri E, Tertipi N et al (2020) Social Economic Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Aesthetic Centers in Greece. SciTech Central COVID-19.

Received: June 12, 2020         Accepted: June 16, 2020         Published: June 16, 2020


This survey was carried out in the 4th week of the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in Greece and was aimed at the social and economic impact caused by this and the state's decision to suspend the operation of businesses in Greece. The participants were 158 businessmen with owned aesthetic center from various areas of Greece. Statistical results were conducted using questionnaires through Google Forms and analyzed through PSPP software.38% of the participants answered that they do not have staff and 58,2% employ 1-5 people. 28,5% mentioned they were concerned about the effects of COVID-19 in December 2019. Τwo months later their businesses seemed to be affected financially when the pandemic began to spread. 27,2% answered that the business turnover decreased > 50%. Only 5,7% of the participants were not affected financially, while the remaining 67,1% had a turnover reduction of 1-50%. The reduction of the monthly turnover is calculated for the first month of suspension of the operation of the company in
Key words: COVID-19; pandemic; public health; aesthetic center; financial impact; Greece