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Accepted Abstracts

China Experience in Controlling COVID-19

Shiliang SONG*
Suzhou University, China

Citation: Song S (2020) China Experience in Controlling COVID-19. SciTech Central COVID-19

Received: June 22, 2020         Accepted: June 22, 2020         Published: June 24, 2020


At present, the epidemic situation of COVID-19 is raging rampantly in the whole world, affecting the hearts of billions of people. In less than half a year, COVID-19 swept the world, seriously threatening the safety of all mankind. At the beginning, the epidemic was most serious in China.  Under the strong command of the highest level of the Chinese government, the whole Chinese people United as one, and achieved initial results in the struggle against COVID-19 with scientific prevention and control. Summarizing China's experience and lessons in combating the epidemic is undoubtedly very beneficial to the people of the world in jointly combating the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. The most important experience is: strong organizational leadership, enhanced cooperation with the WHO, the establishment of a national anti-epidemic headquarters, responsible for the command and control of human, financial and material resources throughout the country, and local officials at all levels in the front line of the epidemic. Heart to heart with the people, breathe together and share a common destiny. Prevention is the first, prevention and treatment are combined. The treatment emphasizes the combination of Chinese and Western medicine. The “Four Anti and Two Balances” advocated by Academician Li Lanjuan’s team, and the “Three Drugs and Three Formulas” recommended by Chinese medicine experts of the National and Health Commission, played a key role in improving the success rate of treatment. Establish fever clinics and establish square cabin hospital to eliminate infections in hospitals, emphasizing the protection of medical staff and avoiding cross-infection. Control the source of infection, try to achieve "four early", early detection, early isolation, early diagnosis and early treatment. "Four concentration", focus on patients, experts, resources and treatment. Take all measures to cut off the spread. Take all measures to protect susceptible people. Wearing masks, washing hands frequently, hot bathing, individual serving, home office, going out to maintain a social distance of more than one meter, eating nutritious foods rich in protein and vitamins, strengthening physical exercise and improving physical fitness are all effective ways to prevent COVID-19.
Keywords: COVID-19; COVID-19 prevention; COVID-19 treatment; Experience and lessons learned; Prevention ; Treatment ; China; Mobile square cabin hospital; Mask; Prevention of medical staff infection; Traditional Chinese medicine.