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Accepted Abstracts

Economical Perspective of World Especially Pakistan

Anjum Jmail*
Zhengzhou University, China 

Citation: Jmail A (2020) Economical Perspective of World Especially Pakistan. SciTech Central COVID-19

Received: June 26, 2020         Accepted: June 28, 2020         Published: June 28, 2020


The challenging respiratory illness has been observed since late December 2019, in Wuhan Hubei, China, WHO later declared this unknown pneumonia like illness  as etiological agent is noval corona virus(COVID 19), The gradually spreading pandemic make the people immunocompromised by getting infect the lower respiratory tract leading with profuse fibrosis and bilateral ecchymosis in lungs has been observed, Instantly world health organization had put international emergency and most of the developing countries has been engaged with lock down announcement and clear the countries with putting ban of industries, education sectors, market places, entertainment industries and all the crowded areas, in favor of nation safety, this review has been focused on the economical and health related issue in the world especially in underdeveloped countries, like Pakistan ,where despite of being protected measures has been taken , the people getting involved with health issues and lead their life below poverty line, with lack of nutrition and inadequate food availability, so this articles contains all the relevant information concern with health, economy, management, nutritional condition , future prospects, funding availability and other necessary recommendations of the countries has been adapted to cover up with the pandemic challenge especially Pakistan.

Keywords: COVID 19, Echhymosis, Economy, Nutrition, Fibrosis