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Accepted Abstracts

COVID 19 Effected Foreigner Students, How they Cope Up with the Pandemic

Anjum Jmail*1, Razia Jamil1, Hammad Ghafoor2
1 Zhengzhou University, China
2 Southeast University, China

Citation: Jmail A, Jamil R, Ghafoor H (2020) COVID 19 Effected Foreigner Students, How they Cope Up with the Pandemic. SciTech Central COVID-19

Received: July 07, 2020         Accepted: July 09, 2020         Published: July 09, 2020


Pandemic has been worsening the world since the late of December 2019, in terms of losses such as, mortality and economically which would have been undue, Foreigner students have played their best role in the education sectors of the world, in terms of economy and by making them clear in the research areas and outing different innovations, which make the world to be progress more and develop fast, but persistent restriction which have been imposed due to pandemic in the form of lock down and restriction of the border, made the conditions unfavorable for the foreigner students to make their study plan in abroad and continue further for authentic way of getting knowledge. This article is based on the effect of pandemic on the educational sectors especially foreigner students, how they make their study better without creating learning environment moreover, those students who are in the last year of getting graduation how they found their degrees in right way on time, so few factors have been discussed regarding their improvement and how they cope up their study by defeating the pandemic.

Keywords: Foreigner, Pandemic, Mortality, Economy