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TB Prevalence Correlation to Covid- 19 Mortality

Tareef Fadhil Raham*
DCH and Arabic Board, Iraq

Citation: Raham TF (2020) TB Prevalence Correlation to Covid- 19 Mortality. SciTech Central COVID-19

Received: July 08, 2020         Accepted: July 13, 2020         Published: July 13, 2020


Background : TB latent infection reflected as TB prevalence might give heterogeneous immunity for infection in mechanism like what happen in BCG This study the first to our knowledge, addressing TB prevalence influence and possibly an important predictor for Covid-19 mortality and its findings may help to satisfy world inquiries about diversities dilemma. This study also will address disparities raised before about variances in mortalities among countries with same BCG protocols.
Methods :This study was set to look out for impact of TB prevalence on Covid-19 mortality on the context of countries vaccination status. Countries were divided into five groups according to BCG status. Covid-19 deaths are tested against TB prevalence through using (Non Linear Regression Modules) of predicted shapes behavior for each group.
Results :Slopes values have highly significant influences between TB prevalence and Covid-19 deaths for overall studied group, and among countries currently given 1 BGG (2 groups) and ones with previous history of vaccinations, being significant in currently given more than 1 BCG and in countries without vaccination. There are meaningful nonlinear regression shapes which are logarithmic in whole countries and in countries with current just 1 vaccine setting. It is inverse in other 2 groups currently given vaccine. It is power and cubic in countries never given and with previously given vaccines respectively. All groups and whole sample shows either perfect or extremely perfect R-square (Determination Coefficient) values with significant in at least at P-values<0.05. Study denotes possibility of factor/s other than BCG prevalence (i.e. The intercept) were operating in different ranges within groups.
Conclusion : High TB prevalence together with continuing BCG programs decrease COVID-19 Mortalities in different countries.