5th Pharmacology & Drug Development Congress
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Accepted Abstracts

Biochemical Coding A Branch with Most Promising Future

Devansh Mehta*, Shallu Sharma, Shamim Ahmed
Translam Institute of Pharmaceutical Education, India

Mehta D, Sharma S, Ahmed S (2020) Biochemical Coding – A Branch with Most Promising Future. SciTech Central Pharma: Mauritius

Received: September 10, 2019         Accepted: October 10, 2019         Published: October 11, 2019


Biochemistry is the branch of science, which started its influence in medicine world, during 19th century and later. Since, then it has contributed a lot to the scientific world and in our understanding of nature of the living organisms. Coding practices have been in use in medicine, since early years nearly in mid-1950. Coding procedures help in bringing harmonization in the overall operations of the system of medicine, wherever its application has been implemented in the system, for e.g. in U.S.
Biochemical coding, means, to initiate coding practices, in all biochemical studies, and experimental practices, in order to bring harmonization to its contribution towards understanding of living organisms, and understanding life more clearly both scientifically as well as chemically. Bio-chemical coding will help in reporting of all scientific procedures, and discoveries in the form of codes, which will help in restricting the duplicity of the practices all across the world. Hence, biochemical coding if implemented all across the world, will help in bringing duplicate practices in front of the regulatory authorities, as well as it will help in complete harmonization of the discipline as such.
Keywords: Biochemical coding, Harmonization, Reporting, Error-free scientific procedures