5th Pharmacology & Drug Development Congress
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Accepted Abstracts

Natural Products for Treating Cancer

CH KVLSN Anjana Male*
Nirmala College of Pharmacy, India

Citation: Male AC (2020) Natural Products for Treating Cancer. SciTech Central Pharma 2020. Mauritius 

Received: October 19, 2019         Accepted: October 30, 2019         Published: November 04, 2019


Abnormal proliferation of cells is considered as cancer, which can be of two types benign and malignant, malignant is found to more predominant now a days due to wide changes in life style, improper diet, low immune levels, usage of more plastic finally due to lot of radiation and environmental changes. WHO estimates that 80% of world population relies on plant based medicines for primary health care need. A vast study of clinical studies have reported the beneficial effects of herbal medicines on survival, immune modulation and quality of life has been improved in cancer patients, a lot innovative herbs have been identified in curing cancer naturally. A vast study on herbal medicines are found to act suitable for cancer treatment. Alkaloidals and coumarins are the drugs can inhibit the cancer cell growth, flavonoids and polypenols will exhibit antiproliferative action, Vitamin A and isoflavones reduces the risk of breast cancer. Squalamine a new antibiotic isolated from liver of dogfist exhibit antiangiogenesis function, blocks the blood vessels and inhibit the growth of tumors. This presentation can create awareness of novel natural products available for treating cancer. Key words: cancer therapy, natural products, tumor suppression