5th Pharmacology & Drug Development Congress
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Accepted Abstracts

Natural Insect /Pest Repellent: Preparation and Evaluation from Lemon Grass and Eucalyptus

Arshdeepkaur and Anju Goyal*
Chitkara University, Punjab, India

Citation: Arshdeepkaur, Goyal A (2020) Natural Insect /Pest Repellent: Preparation and Evaluation from Lemon Grass and Eucalyptus. SciTech Central Pahrama 2020. Mauritius 

Received: January 10, 2020         Accepted: January 16, 2020         Published: January 16, 2020


Repellents prepared from plants have been used for protection against insects/Pests. Vegetables and crops production is badly affected by insects and pests. In this era of growing science and technology, there are few sources to repel pests/insects by some natural ingredients without harming our surroundings. These repellents are the chemicals which repel the pests/Insects by odour and taste. Such repellents may be used in protecting an area, packaged food, Packaging equipments, electric wires, and other important valuable things. An alternative of these toxic chemical, herbal pesticides have been developed at Chitkara University, Laboratory which do not have harmful impact on the environment. These herbal pesticides are prepared at low cost and affordable for farmers for enhancing the crop productivity. For preparation, the mixture of Eucalyptus leaves, Lemon grass, Garlic extract and Olive oil is processed in laboratory. The product prepared is stable for more than one year and stored at normal temperature. Present study shows the potential of eucalyptus and lemon grass solution in repelling Pests/Insects and retain of repellent effect for longer duration after use. The main concern of this research was to clean the environment, to increase crop production and to stop spreading diseases in humans. This paper lists new development and summary of information on testing, efficacy and safety of plant-based repellents.
Keywords: Pests/insects repellent; Eucalyptus leaves; Lemon grass; Garlic extract; Olive oil