5th Pharmacology & Drug Development Congress
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Accepted Abstracts

Solid Lipid Nanopaticles as Novel Drug Delivery

Prasad Kharche*
Mumbai University, India

Citation: Kharche P (2020) Solid Lipid Nanopaticles as Novel Drug Delivery. SciTech Central Pharma 2020. Mauritius 

Received: March 28, 2020         Accepted: March 31, 2020         Published: March 31, 2020


Solid lipid nanoparticles were developed in early 1990. A new type of colloidal drug carrier for intravenous administration. Aqueous dispersion of solid lipid or dry powder with ranges between 50 – 1,000 nm and rapidly developed nanotechnology with potential applications in various field of pharmaceutics cosmetic, clinical medicine research mainly focused on drug targeting site and hydrophilic lipophilic carrier and various lipid and surfactant are used phospholipids and poloxamer 188 and triglycerides are used. SLN offer unique properties such as large surface area, small size, high loading.
Keywords: Nanotechnology, Drug Carrier, Surfactant, Solid-lipid, Phospholipids