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Designing a thought experiment on the role of resonance generated due to protein vibration

Brajagopal Majumder*
Govt. Degree College, India

Citation: Majumber B (2019) Designing a thought experiment on the role of resonance generated due to protein vibration. SciTech Immuno-Microbiology 2019. Dubai: UAE

Received: April 15, 2019         Accepted: April 17, 2019         Published: April 17, 2019


It is now an established fact that protein in Mammalian body vibrates. These vibrations have been playing a pivotal role in controlling structural changes and hence it constitutes a new channel of studding the properties of protein. Vibration of protein is caused either due to the presence of electrostatic potential in the cells or due to external stimuli. But it is very hard to conduct in vivo experiments relating to the characteristics of protein particularly in Mammalian body. However, scholars of the day are toiling their best with in vivo experiments in the laboratory with different worms, insects and mice. Now-a-days, studying disaggregation  of aggregated protein of different types in laboratory atmosphere is being conducted by a number of scholars. Recently, in an in vivo experiment with aggregated worms NL5901 by alpha synuclein protein responsible for Parkinson disease (P.D), disaggregation of the same is found to occur when it was treated with the extract of Bacoea Monnieri (B.M). Similar experiments were conducted by scholars with respect to disaggregation of tau proteins aggregated with isomers responsible for Alzheimer disease (A.D) and huntingtin protein responsible for  Huntington disease (H.D) with affected mice. These were however laboratory based in vivo experiments with respects to disaggregation of tau and huntintin proteins treated with Indian herbal medicine - Ashwagandha and Curcumin. Since no pacific explanation was made by the scholars on the process of therapeutic activity of the affected protein induce by Indian medicinal herbs, a thought experiments based on the frequency resonance phenomenon has been designed and discussed here by the author. As for example, points of resonance frequency between vibration of  Heat shock protein-70 induced after administration of Bacopa Monnieri (B.M) and those of aggregated alpha synuclein protein where disaggregation of aggregated protein may occur, have been suggested in this paper. Through this, it is expected that vibration of protein can be investigated and hence measuring of vibration frequency can be undertaken even indirectly in near future.