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Accepted Abstracts

National one health platform for better deter prevent, detect and response to public health threats in Mali

Souleymane  S Diarra1,6;  Djeneba SY Sylla2;  Serge Agbo2;  Lionel Gbaguidi2;  Assetou Y Dembele3; N’tossama Diarra4; Stephanie Martz4;  Celia Woodfill5;  Seydou Doumbia6;  Mamadou  S Traore1,6
1Global Security Agenda (GHSA), Mali
2P & R / USAID Project, Mali
3General Health Directorate Mali
4USAID, Mali
5CDC, Mali
6USTB, Mali

Received: April 22, 2019         Accepted: April 24, 2019         Published: April 24, 2019


In Mali, during the initial response of the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in 2014-2015, the effectiveness of the response was limit by several factors of which ineffective internal multisector coordination. Involvement of numerous national and international partners in the outbreak response necessitated the establishment of a strong outbreak response coordination body. In June 2017, the West African Health Organization (WAHO) highlighted the adoption of the “One Health’’ approach to strengthen prevention, detection and response of infectious diseases threats. This document outlines the process used in Mali to institutionalize it multisector coordination mechanism for better prevent, detect and respond to public health threats.
With the Global Health Security Coordination and the technical assistance of Preparedness and Response (P&R) project, trust and strong working relationship was built between key sectors representing key areas of OH (Health, Animal and Environment). Strategic Interventions were to Collaborate and Formalize the Platform. Major activities were comprise of series of sensitization workshops, meetings for advocacy and consensus building to reach agreement on structure, conceptual and/or legal framework, designation of focal points, strategic plan and governance manual elaboration, permanent secretariat members designation and the launching ceremony of the platform.
  • Senior leadership of OH sectors fully sensitizes;
  • Multiple sectors shown Commitment;
  • Validated Conceptual framework and structure;
  • Decree of the Prime Minister, Head of Government;
  • High-level commitment was translate by the presence of the Prime Minister, the Ministers of Health, Livestock and the US Ambassador at the launching ceremonies.
Institutionalizing the permanent multisector coordination bodies for prevention, detection and response to public health threats is key to a strong functioning platform. Strong leadership from national counterparts is key to ensure commitment to implementing the OH approach. Although country contexts are different, some key steps and milestones are necessary to formalize NOHPs. For the while NOHP is donor dependent thus funding stream need to be define to guarantee sustainability of the mechanism.
Keywords: One Health, National Platform, Public health threats, Mali.