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Accepted Abstracts

Advanced Physical Therapy Approaches in Intensive Care Units

Nida Rizvi*, Faizan Saeed Syed and Syed Muhammad Fahad
Liaquat National Hospital, Pakistan.

Citation: Rizvi N, Syed FS,  Fahad SM (2022) Advanced Physical Therapy Approaches in Intensive Care Units. SciTech Central COVID-19.

Received: April 16, 2022         Accepted: April 20, 2022         Published: April 20, 2022


Background: By applying new advances using evidence based practice, physical therapist in the intensive care unit can reduce chances of mucous plugging, deconditioning, and damage to lymphatic system, impaired balance and strength, incidence of ventilator associated complications, and most importantly implementation of newly advanced physical therapy approaches in the intensive care unit not only decreases mortality rate but also provides long-term life sustaining approaches.
Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of advanced evidence based approaches of physical therapy in the intensive care unit.
Methodology: This was the quasi experimental study conducted to evaluate how advanced physical therapy in intensive care unit was effective in the intensive care unit. This study was conducted in the tertiary care hospitals of Karachi, Pakistan and ethical approval was taken before commencement of the study. Informed consent form was signed by patients and patient’s attendant and every detail about the research was mentioned in it. Total 7 days session were given under supervision of intensivist, pharmacist, and paramedical staff.
Data was analyzed using SPSS 22.0 version.
Results: The mean age of participants were 60.13± 4.05 out of which 32 (53.3%) were males and 28 (46%) were females. Result using APACHE scale showed that by using advanced physical therapy approaches in intensive care units mortality rate was significantly reduced, and death rate was significantly low (10%) (0.02). There was significant improvement in the strength, pulmonary compliance, lymphatic system, blood circulation, and most importantly those who were intubated were early extubated because of the advanced physical therapy approach applied in the intensive care unit.
Conclusion: Results showed that by using evidence based advanced physical approaches in the intensive care unit physical therapist can improve pulmonary functioning, muscle joint integrity, blood circulation, functional class; intensive care induced long term complications and many more. This study is crucial for physical therapist, as with implementation of advanced skills physical therapists can make a big difference in the physical therapy profession
Keywords: Intensive care units, Advanced, Physical therapy, Approaches