35th World Summit on COVID-19 (Part VI)
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Accepted Abstracts

ENT Manifestations in COVID-19 Positive Patients

Priyanka Chaurasia*
HIMS Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.

Citation: Chaurasia P (2022) ENT Manifestations in COVID-19 Positive Patients. SciTech Central COVID-19.

Received: August 16, 2022         Accepted: August 18, 2022         Published: August 18, 2022


Aim: To study the status of ear, nose and throat in the patients diagnosed with the CoViD-19. 
Material and methods: This is a perspective study in patients admitted in the isolation wards of Dr. Sushila Tiwari Hospital Haldwani between April 2020 and July 2020. There were 465 symptomatic patients out of total 727 patients diagnosed with Covid-19.
Result: Since the Covid-19 pandemic has begun, many individuals have noted many ENT manifestations along with the other general symptoms like fever (395 pt)> cough (326 pt)> weakness/fatigue (190 pt )> difficulty in breathing (89 pt )> muscle ache (58 pt )> headache (56 pt) & diarrhoea (24 pt). Among ENT manifestations throat symptoms were found most common including loss of taste in 74 pt. It was noticed that most commonly sweet and salt goes first then sour taste vanish and bitter and chilli taste goes in the end, most of them were reversible after 2-3 weeks. Among nasal symptoms nasal congestion was found most common (72 pt) followed by loss of smell (88 pt), nasal blockage (66 pt) & runny nose (47 pt). loss of smell was also reversible in most of the cases after 2-3 weeks. Ear symptoms were not so commonly found. Although itching in bilateral ear, sensation of ear fullness, ear ache and conductive hearing loss were complained by some patients.
Conclusion: This study represents the initial findings of all individuals with ENT manifestations along with the chemosensory loss in the symptomatic confirmed covid-19 patients. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, changes in smell or taste are not being considered indicative of possible COVID-19 infection—especially in the absence of other high-suspicion symptoms.
Keywords: Covid-19, Loss of taste, Loss of smell, ENT manifestations