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Accepted Abstracts

Lack of Awareness: A Neglected Determinant of Rabies Deaths

Deepika Dewan*
Government Medical College, India

Citation: Dewan D (2020) Lack of Awareness: A Neglected Determinant of Rabies Deaths. SciTech Immuno-Microbiology 2020. 

Received: November 09, 2020         Accepted: November 11, 2020         Published: November 11, 2020


Context: Rabies is a fatal zoonotic disease endemic in India.  Both forms of Rabies i.e encephalitic and furious invariably leads to coma and death. Lack of awareness is most critical barrier in accessing timely post-exposure prophylaxis which can prevent the progression to clinical disease.
Aims: To report the case series of fourteen clinically suspected Rabies Cases.
Settings and Design: Retrospective Study Design. The data was collected from Anti Rabies Section of Government Medical College Jammu which is a tertiary care hospital of Jammu Divison.
Methods and Material: We collected data of all patients over a period of three years from 2017 to 2020 that were diagnosed as cases of clinically suspected Rabies on the basis of classic signs and symptoms and finally succumbed to rabies.
Statistical Analysis Used: Descriptive statistics is used to describe the results of study.
Results: In the present description, mean age of patients was 31±18.6 years. Median duration of presentation of symptoms after dog bite was 42 days with range of 15 to 180 days. Mean survival of patients after presentation of symptoms was around 1.8 days Out of fourteen suspected cases, unfortunately nine cases had not received any post exposure prophylaxis neither vaccine and serum and instead visited spiritual faith healers. Rest of the patients had history of either incomplete/unknown/incorrect vaccination status.
Conclusions: Low level of awareness resulted in non seeking of timely health care services after animal bites.
Key Messages: There is urgent need to increase awareness regarding rabies prevention and control. Delay in seeking post exposure prophylaxis is major factor responsible for morbidity and Mortality. Multi sector involvement is need of hour.
Keywords: Dog bites, Hydrophobia, Rabies, Rabies immunoglobulin, Rabies Vaccine