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Accepted Abstracts

European Union: A Reality and an Opportunity for Chartered Accountant and Their Clients

Stefan Petrovski* 
European Parliament, Belgium

Citation: Petrovski S (2020) European Union: A Reality and an Opportunity for Chartered Accountant and Their Clients. SciTech Management Sciences 2020. 

Received: July 13, 2020         Accepted: July 16, 2020         Published: July 16, 2020


Over time and through its evolution the European Union (EU) has increasingly evolved to become the new area for the development of Chartered accountants’ activities. It not only affects and alters their professional lives as well as that of their firms and more generally, the profession of Chartered accountant functions in France and in other EU Member States. How do we understand the evolution of a regulated profession following the establishment of European directives that are affecting it? How do we best take advantage of this new economic area and accompany our clients in it? In the first part, we analyse the implementation of the “Services”, “Recognition of professional qualifications”, “Accounting” EU Directives and their transpositions into French law. Then, the second details the EU market reality which is constituted of mainly Small and medium-sized companies and who are the Chartered accountant’s clients. The third part presents some adaptations for Chartered accountant, which are necessary and desirable. Finally, this study bring to light that the major and “only” obstacles seeming to block Chartered accountants from servicing SMEs in the EU are social law, tax law, national languages and certain psychological barriers. All which are surmountable as long as accounting professionals are motivated and view the European Union as our common living space and national territory. Now one question is being raised: How can we conceive of serving a client in the European Union, a Union which is now actually debating its founding principle of free movement?
Key words: Reality, Opportunity, European Directives Impacts, Chartered Accountant, European Union