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Accepted Abstracts

Lean - Green - Six Sigma Approach in Global Manufacturing Using Industry 4.0

Lokpriya Gaikwad*
University of Mumbai, India

Citation: Gaikwad L (2020) Lean - Green - Six Sigma Approach in Global Manufacturing Using Industry 4.0. SciTech Management Sciences 2020. 

Received: July 19, 2020         Accepted: July 21, 2020         Published: July 21, 2020


By aligning IoT and Industry 4.0 makes a factory smart by applying advanced information systems and future-oriented technologies, but they will remain processes. In this industry 4.0, there is a significant “evolution” of many methodologies of Continuous Improvement, such as, e.g., Lean, Green and Six Sigma (LGSS) which maximise efficiency and enhance customer value. Most of the tools of LGSS depend on data, turning that data into actionable business intelligence still requires a consistent and successful strategy by means of using these proven methods. The aim of this paper is aligning IoT and industry 4.0 with LGSS methodology so that organizations can better leverage huge amounts of data to make operations more efficient from a sustainability point of view and provide better products and services to customers.