14th World Summit on Management Sciences (Part II)
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Accepted Abstracts

Nutrient Requirement of NPKS on Advance Capsularis Breeding Line BJC-5105

Md Nasimul Gani*
Bangladesh Jute Research Institute, Bangladesh

Citation: Gani MN (2021) Nutrient Requirement of NPKS on Advance Capsularis Breeding Line BJC-5105. SciTech Management Sciences 2021. 

Received: October 26, 2020         Accepted: November 02, 2020         Published: November 02, 2020


A fertilizer assessment trial for cultivation of advanced breeding line BJC-5105 was conducted at Manikganj during the year of 2014-2016. Different nutrient levels influenced the yield contributing characters which ultimately increased the fibre and stick yield over control. Among the nitrogen doses, the rate 100 kg N/ha demonstrated significantly tallest plant (3.10m), highest base diameter (19.60 mm), fibre (2.98 t/ha) and stick (7.10 t/ha) yield. The highest yield of fibre and stick were found with the dose of 5 kg P/ha. There was decreasing trends of yield with higher dose over 5kg of P. The K level up to 90 kg/ha influenced the yield and yield contributing characteristics over the control. The tallest plant was found with 30kg K/ha which was statistically similar with K 90kg/ha. The significant highest fibre yield was induced by K 30kg/ha. In case of S results showed significant yield increase with different rates over the control. Study exposed that 10kg S/ha is enough in producing highest yield of fibre and stick. Study showed that combined dose of NPKS 100-5-30-10 kg/ha may be a suitable dose for the cultivation of advance breeding line BJC-5105. It could be concluded that the three years study evolved a technology as fertilizer recommendation for the advance breeding line BJC-5105.
Key words: Nutrients, Yield, Jute and Fertilizer recommendation