14th World Summit on Management Sciences (Part II)
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Accepted Abstracts

Impactful Contributions of Leaders are Truly Augmenting to Entrench the High-End Revolution of Marketing Strategy

Rudrarup Gupta* 
Multifarious Projects Group, India

Citation: Gupta R (2021) Impactful Contributions of Leaders are Truly Augmenting to Entrench the High-End Revolution of Marketing Strategy. SciTech Management Sciences 2021. 

Received: December 10, 2020         Accepted: December 12, 2020         Published: December 12, 2020


Any organization should have the most refining future along with the most encyclopedic resources to develop the same in a befitting manner. It must have the great propensity to enhance the volume of prescheduled production from the perspective of both their professional competency and the constructive management as well. In this regard the concept of “Marketing” will be one of the prime considerations for elevating the real occupational glow which is invariably regulated by our veteran organizational leaders indeed. On the other hand, marketing means to sale the product or concept in such a magnificent manner where more number of consumers is exclusively convinced and those unique concepts are truly appreciated in our combative society at all. Leaders do play the most pivotal role here to strengthen the strategy and to utilize the 8p’s of marketing according to the present day scenario. Most importantly they shall have to search for the communal needs and their preferences as well. The strategy will be incepted accordingly. Leaders will be monitoring upon the entire procedure of manufacture and the distribution of finished products as per the concept of “Equal Distribution”. In this regard people of all the individual class shall have the same to lead their very precious lives very confidently. Leaders are here to approve the process and they will be evaluating the entire  paradigm where a. implementation of man power, availability of resources, competency of manufacturers, the technological implementations, qualitative measures of all the elements and the overall execution of this great professional journey are minutely evaluated by the leaders in terms of commercial profit, global acceptance and the unbeaten business goodwill.
Keywords: Marketing paradigm, Leaders’ competency, Endowment of business and Leaders’ contributions.