14th World Summit on Management Sciences (Part II)
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Accepted Abstracts

Strategic Growth Prospects in a Company and Critical Commentary of a Presentation on Strategies. Case Study: Starbucks

Ioanna Dimitrakaki*
International Hellenic University, Greece

Citation: Dimitrakaki I (2021) Strategic Growth Prospects in a Company and Critical Commentary of a Presentation on Strategies. Case Study: Starbucks. SciTech Management Sciences 2021. 

Received: December 12, 2020         Accepted: December 17, 2020         Published: December 17, 2020


The subject of this report is the analysis of the case of the American multinational company Starbucks, and its strategic development perspectives. The first phase presents a PESTEL (Political - Economic - Social - Technological) analysis to identify the external factors that affect an organization, an analysis of Porter's five forces as well as a competitor analysis. An analysis is made of Starbuck's; strategic capabilities, which are identified through resource control, value system analysis, potential key features, and key stakeholders. Subsequently presents a SWOT analysis of Starbucks as well as three possible strategic development options that the company has. Reference is made to the success of Starbucks which is based on modern ideas of internationalization and finally describes the creation and development of the company in Greece.
In the second phase, a critical comment is made about the international chain Starbucks. For this purpose, a brief presentation of the company, its position in the market and its activities is made. It then analyzes the industry context in which it operates, analyzing both its internal and external elements, followed by the development of some key strategic issues, including the efficiency of the year 2019 and the company's development options. Finally, based on the data that will be analyzed and the general knowledge, some suggestions will be presented regarding the future of Starbucks and its development.
The aim of this study is to understand the importance of business internationalization and to gain a competitive advantage in the globalized environment. While in the case of Starbucks the goal is to analyze the company's growth strategies and to what extent it contributed to success the aggressive expansion strategy, attracting investors, innovating in its products.
Keywords: Starbucks, Expansion strategies, Internationalization, Efficiency, Proposals.