14th World Summit on Management Sciences (Part II)
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Accepted Abstracts

Impact of Organisational Values Elements and Employee Engagement Outcomes on Business Performance Indicators

Sanjeev Dixit*
Academy of HRD, Ahmedabad, India

Citation: Dixit S (2021) Impact of Organisational Values Elements and Employee Engagement Outcomes on Business Performance Indicators. SciTech Management Sciences 2021. 

Received: February 16, 2021         Accepted: February 17, 2021         Published: February 17, 2021


In the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment, Business Sustainability across companies and industries is driven by Business Value Creation. Conventionally Business Value creation is linked to quantifiable and tangible periodic achievement of top line and bottom-line targets. According to Great Place to Work Institute, UK, there is a strong link between a culture of strong values as perceived by employees and organizational performance. Therefore, values need to be ‘lived’ throughout the organization. (2014).  Glynis A. Fitzgerald & Nancy M. Desjardins (2004): Organizational Values and Their Relation to Organizational Performance Outcomes, Atlantic Journal of Communication, 12:3, 121-145 discusses how values are defined and different ways that values can be communicated to acquire improved organizational outcomes.
The construct, employee engagement emanates from two concepts that have won academic recognition and have been the subjects of empirical research-Commitment and Organizational Citizen Behavior (OCB) (Robinson, Perryman and Hayday, 2004; Rafferty et al., 2005). Gallup organization defines employee engagement as the involvement with and enthusiasm for work. Gallup as cited by Dernovsek (2008) likens employee engagement to a positive employees’ emotional attachment and employees’ commitment. Hewitt research and experience show strong evidence that higher levels of Engagement combined with appropriate capability produce stronger business results and sustainable competitive advantage.
Great Place to Work Institute UK, 2014 research shows that a strong values-driven culture is critical to the success of high-performance organizations. In line with above citation, the Key objective of this research is to establish systematic qualitative & quantitative linkages between Organizational Values and Employee Engagement on Business Performance Indicators, which is a very important construct from the context of organizational performance sustainability.
Keywords: Employee engagement outcomes, Organizational Values elements, Value creation, Key Business Performance Indicators