8th World Summit on Management Sciences
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Accepted Abstracts

A Review of Theories of Educational Management

Shweta Talesara*
Devi Ahilya University, India

Citation:Talesara S (2020) A Review of Theories of Educational Management. SciTech Management Sciences 2020. Thailand 


Received: November 07, 2019         Accepted: November 22, 2019         Published: November 22, 2019


Future of the Nation, Depends on Education.
Education is the most important factor for developing and even though developed communities. The future of the students and the nation is totally depends on the Education system, that's why in recent times it is very essential to manage the education system for better results. Educational management basically refers to the proper management of the whole Education system which includes teaching, learning, knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, interest, attitudes, co- curricular activities including sports, art & craft, music, dance and SUPW educational activities. These all make the overall development of the students. Today it is highly demanded that a student should be a higher achiever of marks, his I.Q. level, his learning and thinking skills should be powerful. He should be a good listener. He should be healthy enough to understand the concepts clearly. These all qualities can be possible only through the strong Education system and proper management of Education. It covers a cross- section of the body of knowledge and contains concepts, theories and practical elements on the process of educational management. This process incorporates of planning, organizing, resource procurement, coordinating and evaluation in order to achieve goals and objectives of the organisation. There are some models of educational management. This talk aims to review the models of Educational management.
Keywords of Theories of Educational Management:
Education System: The Education system is related with a system which educates all. It includes Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary level and Higher Education also. Each and every type of person and any course, any syllabus and any content can be tought by the Education system.
Educational Management: Education Management includes the administration and operation of Education system. It is important to achieve mission and vision of national Educational policies. It improves the processes involved in policies. It composes Co- curricular activities, Educational Technologies, Overall Development of students, Psychology, Information Technology and many more.
Models of Educational management: Models of Educational Management can provide a better understanding to the administrator of education about Syllabus, Contents, departments, organization etc. these models help in decision making and to explain actions that are taken. Here are some names of models of Educational Management: Collegial Model, Formal Model, Political Model, Cultural Model, Ambiguity Model