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Accepted Abstracts

Performance Management System of a Security Agency in the Philippines

Jay Amistoso*
Safety and Security Agency, Philippines

Citations: Amistoso J (2020) Performance Management System of a Security Agency in the Philippines. SciTech Management Sciences 2020. Thailand 

Received: November 21, 2019         Accepted: November 25, 2019         Published: November 25, 2019


The human resource is generally acclaimed as the most valuable resource. It is through the human resource that a company can make the most telling contribution to its competitive-edge and ultimately, its bottom-line profitability or realization of its objectives. The study aimed to determine the performance management practices of a Security Agency in Liloan Cebu, Calendar Year 2018-2019.
            The study used the descriptive correlational design. The respondents were the 131 respondents consisted of security guards, security officers, head guards and shifts-in-charge. They were advised to answer the researcher-made questionnaire.  The gathered data were analyzed using frequency, simple percentage, weighted mean, and Chi-square test of independence.
            The findings revealed that majority of the respondents belonged to the aged group of 32-47 years old, male security personnel, single, and high school graduate and had been in the service for six to ten years. Majority of the respondents assessed that the performance management were highly practiced in terms of commitment and target setting, performance appraisal, monitoring and evaluation and developmental intervention. In conclusion, the level of best practices and administration of performance management practices is highly practiced as managers continuously conducts monitoring on their plans and actions in order to maintain effectiveness and efficiency in carrying out the functions of the management. The performance management practices made by the security agency have a positive impact on employee commitment, performance appraisal, monitoring and evaluation and development intervention. It covers all the parameters required and its objective gives a clear idea of what the client expects.
Keywords: operations management, performance management system, security personnel, descriptive correlational-design, Cebu