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Accepted Abstracts

Branding Entrepreneurial Start Up Disruptive Innovation Ventures

Falih M Alsaaty, Granville Sawyer*
Bowie State University, USA

Citation: Alsaaty FM, Sawyer G (2020) Branding Entrepreneurial Start Up Disruptive Innovation Ventures. SciTech Management Sciences 2020. Thailand 

Received: December 04, 2019         Accepted: December 06, 2019         Published: December 06, 2019


The purpose of this paper is to develop a theoretical framework and evaluation strategy for branding entrepreneurial startup disruptive innovation ventures. The theory of disruptive innovation stipulates that innovative startup ventures develop new business models, create new markets, or introduce innovative, low cost products. Branding is a business strategy to capture the attention and interest of a population segment for a product, place, corporation, or new venture to achieve desired goals. Venture branding will enable entrepreneurs to entice investors, secure funding, and attain venture growth. The paper begins with brief discussions of relevant prior research in the areas of entrepreneurship, branding in general and the relationship between venture branding and venture capital formation, that is, the critical need for effective brand strategies in all startup ventures.  Discussions of research on disruptive innovation and venture capital funding follow.  The paper concludes with a theoretical framework and guide for evaluating successful disruptive startup brand strategies.
Keywords:  Branding, entrepreneurship, venture capital, disruptive innovation, startups