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Accepted Abstracts

Supply Chain Management: Manufacturing to Service Industries

Mamun Habib*
BRAC University, Bangladesh

Citation: Habib M (2020) Supply Chain Management: Manufacturing to Service Industries. SciTech Management Sciences 2020. Thailand 

Received: December 11, 2019         Accepted: December 16, 2019         Published: December 16, 2019


Supply Chain Management (SCM) has been widely researched in numerous application domains during the last three decades. Despite the popularity of SCM research and applications, considerable confusion remains as to its meaning. There are several attempts made by researchers and practitioners to appropriately define SCM. Most supply chain management (SCM) literature focuses on the manufacturing industry. On the other hand, only little literature on SCM in the service industry whereas very few research papers is on SCM in the academia. This paper represents theory and evolution of Supply Chain Management as well as highlights chronological prospective of SCM in terms of time frame in different areas of manufacturing and service industries. Basic supply chain, from raw material to finished products, for manufacturing and service industries has been demonstrated, including various intermediate parties/organizations. This paper consists of SCM in fishing industry, RMG, textiles are illustrated. Finally, this study illustrates Integrated Tertiary Educational Supply Chain Management (ITESCM) model as the application of SCM in the service industry, which would unlock other applications of SCM in different arenas, particularly service industries. 
Keywords- Supply chain management, academia, education, SCM, research, ITESCM.