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Accepted Abstracts

Automation in Construction Sector and Legal Issues: An Analytical Overview

Vikrant Sopan Yadav*
National Institute of Construction Management & Research
, India

Citation: Yadav VS (2020) Automation in Construction Sector and Legal Issues: An Analytical Overview. SciTech Management Sciences 2020. Thailand

Received: February 23, 2020         Accepted: February 25, 2020         Published: February 25, 2020


In developing countries like India, construction industry has been by and large labour dependant. The technological automation in this industry is still at its nascent stage. Due to this, the construction industry has been facing many issues and challenges like, shortage of skilled labour, quality of work, safety challenges, poor working conditions etc. increased application of technology may solve many of these issues. Though there has been a very lesser use of automation in construction sector, research has been going on in checking the possibility of its large scale application for e.g. building constructed with prefabricated equipments created by using 3d printing.
However, application of technology in construction sector has led to various socio-legal issues. This research paper is an attempt to analyse the application of technology in construction projects and various legal issues involved in same.
Keywords: Construction, Law, Automation, Technology