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Accepted Abstracts

Is Cumulative Poverty Eradication through Entrepreneurship and Social Marketing Technique Feasible? A Global Perspective

Ebikinei Stanley Eguruze*
American University for Leaders (AUL), UK

Citation: Eguruze ES (2020) Is Cumulative Poverty Eradication through Entrepreneurship and Social Marketing Technique Feasible? A Global Perspective. SciTech Management Sciences 2020. Thailand 

Received: March 02, 2020         Accepted: March 04, 2020         Published: March 04, 2020


Purpose: It is well documented that Entrepreneurship which is a direct outcome of innovation and creativity is often perceived as an important source of employment and poverty eradication around the world. The combination of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship bring about a new critical flavor to the global development processes, which is, dynamisms. This paper attempts to address the research question- Is cumulative poverty elimination through entrepreneurship and social marketing techniques feasible? This paper critically examines the phenomena:  entrepreneurship and social marketing techniques as critical tools for tackling global poverty. It seeks to anaylse this from the perspectives of social entrepreneurship, young people and community organization, as the roles of youths, local communities and social entrepreneurship is vital in the global poverty elimination processes. It also analyses how the use of social marketing technique is pertinent to this.
Design/methodology/approach: The study engaged a cross-case analysis approach and adopted data from four previous empirical research papers. Drawing heavily also from literature evidence, this paper uses descriptive analysis to isolate social marketing and entrepreneurial strategies towards job creation aimed at reducing poverty that were identified.
Findings: The main findings reveal that the roles of entreperenurs and social marketing techniques are muti-dimensional with far reaching plausibilities. It was also found more than 40 different and related entrepreneurial and social marketing strategies that were noted may be pertinent and useful in different contexts of poverty alleviation. It was also noted that their influence and usefulness may be limited to several macro and micro environmental factors that are prevalent. This paper argues that these strategies may be limited to the extent to which they can be impactful. Importantly, actively engaging these roles individually or collectively would have positive impact on rural communty development and such likely to enhance the probability of  rural transformation and, ultimatley sustain global poverty reduction on a cumulative basis.
Keywords:  Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Economic development, Poverty eradication, Cumulative poverty, Young people, Social enterprise, Community organizations, World