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Accepted Abstracts

Digital Storytelling as a Solution to Destigmatize Products: Case of Women Lingerie from India

Amrita Bansal*
NMIMS, India

Citation: Bansal A (2020) Digital Storytelling as a Solution to Destigmatize Products: Case of Women Lingerie from India. SciTech Management Sciences 2020. Thailand 

Received: May 05, 2020         Accepted: May 07, 2020         Published: May 07, 2020


Storytelling is part of historical learning which facilitates communication. This storytelling is used by brands and organizations to connect with the consumers primarily by the digital platforms. The digital narratives and the stories are developed which are relevant for the consumers. There is a dearth of literature on digital storytelling primarily used to destigmatize product categories. Thus, the objective of the study to develop a framework explaining digital storytelling can act as a solution to the stigmatized products. In this study, women’s lingerie was taken as the stigmatized product category. To achieve the objective, the frameworks of stigma and stories were used. Additionally, the study was conducted in three phases; the first phase included an in-depth study of websites and online communication of lingerie brands, second phase comprised of netnography where the women consumers were studied and the third phase included in-depth interviews of women consumers along with projective techniques. The analysis of data resulted in a comprehensive framework of different elements of the stories that can be used to prevent the stigma among women consumers and destigmatize them from an intimate product such as lingerie.